Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The National - Trouble Will Find Me

My wife has been a National fan for years, which means I have unintentionally heard their songs 100's of times and for the most part I enjoyed what I heard, but I always thought the music came across a bit to heavy handed for my liking.

On the new album "Trouble Will Find Me" the band have put together a collection of haunting songs that move along at a snails pace for the most part, but gone to my ears is the weightiness of the music that always seemed to stop me from being fully engaged in their albums . On this new platter the vocal delivery is clearer, the guitars are clean and even shimmery at certain points and overall I can't find a bad song in the batch. Looks like I finally found The National album that I am going to listen to because I want to hear it and not because my wife has it on in the background...Dave G.


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