Saturday, January 31, 2015

Point Blank - 8 Song Demo

Hailing from Queens,New York. Point Blank are a relatively new band featuring a couple of Hardcore lifers with Danny Derella, a founding member of Underdog and NYHC representative Ken Wagner.

On their debut 8 song demo. The band delivers the goods with a mix of ingredients that give the early New York Hardcore sound a healthy update.
Point blank hit the mark straight from the opening bass line on the cd opener 'No More' to the all out verbal attack of
'Fuck Off' , and just about everywhere in between.
The demos forth entry
'Well Defined / It's Time' stands as my personal favorite with it's well paced delivery, anthemic vocals and break downs.
Point Blank's slow to mid pace sound brings Hardcore's past glories to the present righteously. And while listeners might find themselves placing Point Blank's sound somewhere in the mid 1980's.  Point Blank are in no way a nostalgia act. 

Point Blank's debut is a good one that leaves me wondering "What's Next?"
James Damion

Point Blank NYHC Bandcamp

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