Friday, January 23, 2015

No Other - Option C / Opaque

Another banger from
Negative Fun Records and their Singles Club. This one a lot different from the Hot Dolphin offering. The A side Option C brings to mind the Riot Grrrl era and bands like Bikini Kill with it's droning vocals and simplistic rhythms. The B side Opaque reigns as my favorite of the two. Perking up the ears with some instant gratification.
Melodic, upbeat and a step up in musicianship. The vocal delivery is more focused and enjoyable.  I love the bass line and fuzzed out guitars that run throughout. They give the song a psych meets surf rock vibe that really takes you in some nice directions.

There are a few remaining copies left at Negative Fun's bandcamp. Here You can also purchase it as part of NF's Singles Club box set Here or try contacting the band personally.
No Other present some really cool elements in these songs. Inspiring the listener to surf, party and start a riot along the way. This was quite an enjoyable listen. I'm looking forward to seeking out more music from this band. Until then. James Damion

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