Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Snake Thursday - Iter 2014

Snake Thursday hail from Poland, but they play stoner metal straight out of the deserts of California.  I'm digging the heavy dirty riffs and over all vibe of this cd, and for me the vibe is the most important part of any stoner metal album. If a stoner band can make me feel like I am on a journey through a desperate lonely landscape then they have me hooked and Snake Thursday succeed at doing just that.

The other aspect of this cd that I like is at times it has a tiny bit of a doom feel, however, the band is also not afraid to pick up the pace and  rock the fuck out like on the track Beyond Aurora or even touch on a bit of that futuristic Voivod vibe on a track like Ego Trip.

Overall, Snake Thursday have delivered an excellent slice of stoner metal that isn't afraid to spread its wings beyond the normal confines of the genre , and I suspect that ITER will be spending an extended period of time near the top of my playlist in the coming months...Dave G.


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  1. Great review Dave. I'm going to order a copy before they're gone.