Friday, January 23, 2015

Forced Order - Retribution EP

The opening bowel adjusting vocal cry "ugggghhhh!" was the perfect description of what I was going to get from Forced Order and their four song EP Retribution.
(Actually, it sounds like three and a half.)  Featuring members of acts such as Tongues, Disgrace Harness and
Soul Search. The band are described as Southern California Heavyweights. 
A description that makes me think these guys spend a lot of time at the gym lifting weights and practicing their beefy metal riffs and growls. Along with the Metal onslaught you get lyrical terms such as "Revenge to Cleanse the Earth",  "Infernal Sanction", "Disperse the Disease" and my personal favorite "Annihilate the Weakness". If I ever decide to join a Dungeons and Dragons circle of hell, Forced Order are my dudes. When it comes to music, I'll pass. James Damion

Revelation Records Get it Here

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