Friday, January 23, 2015

Hot Dolphin - 3 Song Single

I like the sense of mystery that creeps its way in when a nondescript record shows up in my mailbox. Catching the name Negative Fun Records on the mailer and iconic 45' record sleeve only fueled my curiosity. While helping to quench my thirst for more vinyl treasure.

What you get from Richmond's Hot Dolphin is a three song banger that feature a
fast and loose garage rock that has a sinister edge to it.
Body Snatcher, Cat Sweaters and Paint Dry are each solid in their own way.
The guitar assault on Paint Dry is particularly wicked and nasty. Making it my favorite of the three offerings.
With the garage rock revival racing past the decade mark like a drunken speed freak.
The style has produced it's share of sound a likes and copy cats. It's good to see a band with a name as silly as
Hot Dolphin do it justice. I recommend giving this a spin while checking out what
Negative Fun records and the Singles Club has to offer. You're bound to find something unique. James Damion

Negative Fun Get it Here

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