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Talking to Drummer Tony "Detroit" Scandiffio Part II

In part I of my interview with Tony we talked about his time in the Hardcore bands Hogan's Heroes and O.S. 101. Two bands that had major impact on the 80's and 90's. In part II we talk about the very busy and sometimes confusing life as a musician. Since the first installment of this interview Tony has left I Hope You Die to better focus on his other myriad of projects. Thanks to Tony for filling in all the blanks. I'm hoping our paths will cross sooner than later. James Damion

James: Fast forward a few year where I met you in Denville. You're playing in two bands with mutual friend Shannon Perez. Tell me about
I Hope You Die and Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun. How would you describe the two and how do they differ?

Tony: I remember you came to a show we had at the Court Tavern prior to the closing and reopening of the new one. We were involved with putting on local shows there for the sake of providing an opportunity for local and touring original bands.
I would say that with Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun the main thing there is
John Mathews is the lead singer with a male voice being dominant in the forefront of the tunes and the female voice compliments, harmonizes etc.Whereas in I Hope You Die, the obvious difference is the lead vocal is the female voice. They're also dwell in two completely different genre with Strange Things... being Goth Punk and I Hope You die being more Power Pop meets Punk.

James: Has there ever come a time when you arrive early for a practice or a show and ask "Wait, what band am I playing in tonight?"

Tony: That's actually a funny question. For some time I would literally check what day it was. What time it was. Look around the room asking "Wait, what band is this?"
It's happened at practices and shows. (Laughs) It can definitely get confusing, being involved with so many different artists.

James: Though I've listened to the Extras, Inc. countless times. Due to geography,
I've yet to see you live. The band sounds more Rock and Roll than anything you've done.  Tell me about the band.

Tony: The Extras Inc. is a band that formed towards the end of 2003. The man responsible for the songwriting is Pete Jager who plays guitar and sings leads. He also plays bass in an instrumental Surf band called Ultra Torqued. Pete's a straight up great guy who's really easy to get along with. We've been friends since I was in O.S. 101 in the mid 90's. His band Dodgeball and O.S.101 practiced at the same studio in Asbury Park. Another important member of The Extras Inc. is the one and only Jason (Skiz) Skizlak. He's an awesome
bass player whose played in numerous bands such as Old Bat, Montagna, Mouth to Mouth, Bubble Gum, Sir Dove and more. Skiz has even played accordion with Weezer at MSG.

The Extras Inc. fully enjoy the freedom of not being genre specific. It's Rock, it's Punk, it's Folk. It's a whole lot of things. The only cover what we've released thus far. I really think this band can do it all. We even have jams the go all over the place. We even have an audible set up where, if needed, we can switch to plan B in the middle of a set where you wouldn't even recognize us musically. The band is content to exist, period. We're not the most motivated three piece but we bring our 'A' Game wherever we play and fully intend to keep doing so. Musically, it's a healthy work ethic. The only pressure we feel is the pressure we put on ourselves. And that's how we like it.

James: Now I'm hearing about a new band Sir Dove. How would you describe the bands sound and how does differ from the myriad of other projects you're involved in?

Tony: Sir Dove is a band that developed from a bunch of musician friends in
Monmouth County. Skiz (The Extras Inc.) sings, plays guitar and keyboards. Pat Veil, formerly of the Sex Zombies plays acoustic guitar and sings, Ben Ross on bass and vocals recorded and produced our record 'Stay Home'. He's also an amazing drummer , singer and songwriter who also plays in Intense Men, 117 and is involved with Nact Records. The band isn't motivated to change the world. We're just content playing as often as we want.
Our record has done well considering it's limited release. You can listen and download it for free Here. While we may be old, jaded punks that don't feel the need to do all the work for promoters and clubs. We are proud of our art and refuse to let anyone outside the band make the decisions for us. We're not the busiest of bands... But we're okay with that.

James: One of the things that help me to think there is hope for me yet is the fact that you're still skating after all these years? Do you have any favorite spots?

Tony: Skating? Yeah, I love to skate when I have time. My favorite local spot in Sayerville called JFK park. I also love to bowl there.

James: Is there ever a point in the day, week, month or year when Tony "Diesel" takes a break? What's your idea of down time?

Tony: Down time for me is usually well spent. I like to play guitar, garden, go to the beach, a show or simply lay in the hammock out back. Unfortunately I'm too busy to down time these days.

The Extras Inc.
Sir Dove

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