Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Fell Swoop - The House Leaks

I've only been to Yonkers once or twice in my life that I know of. My one and only memory of the area comes from an 80's Lotto commercial featuring a group of so and so's talking up the dollar and a dream theory. Each person playing to the camera as they proudly announce where there from. The one memory that stands out is the half witted construction worker says "Yonkers" in an accent I'd best describe as "Stoner".

The band One Fell Swoop instantly erased that memory with the stellar six song EP 'The House Leaks'. Mixing elements of Punk, Screamo and Pop Punk with plenty of melody and harmony.
The bands fervently sung dual vocals and screamed anthems are highlighted with excellent breaks and chord changes throughout. Adding layer upon layer of praise worthy excellence to each track. One Fell Swoop's 'The House Leaks' serves as proof that big things can indeed come in small packages. Download the EP and see for yourself.
James Damion

One Fell Swoop  Bandcamp

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