Friday, August 2, 2013

Altercation - Re-Mastered 1987 Demo 7 inch

1987 marked somewhat of a peak in the changing of the guard in NYHC. Just as Revelation Records and bands like Youth of Today were winning the hearts and minds of kids from the suburbs seeking a more positive route,
There were bands such as Sick of it All, Breakdown, Raw Deal and of course Altercation that were cracking their knuckles and sharpening their musical knives speaking to the more angry and disenfranchised kids, much like Agnostic Front did in earlier days.
Having purchased the original demo at the now legendary Some Records and witnessing the Altercation boys put fear into the hearts of the squeamish at nearby CBGB's and the Pyramid Club. I was a devoted knucklehead with the word "ALTERCATION" boldly written with a fat marker on my back pack. This recording brings back that angry and primitive Hardcore sound that made me really love this band.
Favorites such as the opening track 'Unite Us',
'Friends Like These' and 'Vigilante Song' really capture the bands original intensity and perhaps misguided messages.

Drummer Andy Guida does a really good job on remastering the original demo. So much so that, like an ass, I thought this was actually re-recorded. I found that myself comparing the remastered version with the originals and though my opinion is based on a very small comparison. I find myself really appreciating the updated versions. If you're a fan of bands such as Breakdown, Killing Time, Krakdown, Absolution or anything related to Hardcore music in general I would highly recommend heading into battle with this. The record, brought to us by the people at Lush Life comes on clear vinyl and includes three reproduced show flyers and a couple of Altercation stickers.
A nice package to say the least. As the revival of 80's Reagan era Hardcore approaches it's tenth year. One can only wonder what nostalgia the new era will bring.
James Damion

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