Friday, August 9, 2013

High Card - Demo 2013

Though I could find very little information about the fresh out the deck Hardcore act
High Card, I found myself drawn to this digital only release whose cover and design reminded me so much of the cassette demos that once cluttered my shelves and filled the shoe boxes under my bed.
On High Card's debut the
Long Island four piece come off sounding more like seasoned veterans than rookies looking to make a roster spot. Just as the demo's cover harkins back to decades past, the bands sound brings to mind the  NYHC's bands Outburst and Long Islanders Kill Your Idols.
Impressive vocals and chainsaw guitar leads with a dose of reverb and distortion with an up front percussion help introduce the band as future players on the NYHC scene and at time help retrieve memories of my Sunday's at CBGB's. Hopefully we'll learn more about
High Card in the near future. Judging from their demo, the future looks to be stacked in their favor. Only time will tell. James Damion

Get it Here  Bandcamp
High Card  Facebook

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