Monday, April 23, 2012

Stick Together - Surviving the Times

This 7 inch came to me along with a dozen or so items from Grave Mistake Records/Mailorder the other day. I was loading up on records from the labels amazing distro when I decided came across Stick Together's 'Surviving the Times'. Though I had no prior knowledge to the band I decided to add it to my cart for good measure. Many is the time I've picked up a record because of it's interesting cover art or photo. What grabbed me on this particular day was the guitarists Chain of Strength shirt. Not only did that band release one of the seminal records of my youth, they just happened to camp out on my living room floor during their first East Coast visit.

Upon purchasing this i knew full well what I was most likely getting. Most likely a bunch of kids rehashing the past and wearing their devoted hearts on their sleeves. Idealistic and thoroughly unaware of what debauchery becoming an adult might bring to their dedication.

One 'Surviving the Times' Wilkes Barre's Stick Together return with six songs of excellent Hardcore that plays homage to late 80's straightedge hardcore while sounding original.
The EP offers a lot of highlights and leaves a lasting impression. The record opens with 'View of One' which carries somewhat of a Youth of Today 'Break Down the Walls' vibe.
The B side blasts off with the records title 'Surviving the Times', which has a a sludgy feel that most likely turns any pit into a chaotic free for all. Each of the six songs left a lasting impression on this listener. Though Stick Together may not be the most original band out there, they are by no means to be considered generic. James Damion

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