Thursday, April 26, 2012

Impalers 2010 Demo 7" - No Way Records / Beach Impediment Records 2012

The Impalers from Austin Tx deliver hardcore songs with metallic undertones but the Impalers are in no way a Metallic Hardcore band. The vocals on this 2010 demo tape that has finally been pressed to final by the good people at No Way Records and Beach Impediment Records  are delivered in a brutal growl, however the music itself contains a nice big heaping of Motorhead, which could never be a bad thing in my opinion.  In fact there is just enough melody hiding in the background of these tracks to create the perfect juxtaposition of beauty and brutality....Definitely a record worthy of your hard earned cash... Dave G.  

Impalers Bandcamp

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  1. They're a good live band as well....they share Mammoth Grinder members too.