Monday, April 23, 2012

Minority Unit - C.M.F. EP

Minority Unit take a step forward on their first release since their demo 7 inch. On these six songs they play a good mix of Punk and Hardcore that fast and furious with it's share of breaks and mosh parts. Although the band is straight edge their lyrics tend to have a more ominous and dark feel to them. Not as flat out dark as bands like Negative Approach but certainly no way near as positive as most bands of the genre. With lyrics like,   "I was pushed aside and left to die" you know you're not listening to the headliner of this years Posi-Fest. The vibe on this release is much like that of their demo, which is real and honest.             

I really love it when a band destroys any preconceived notions I may have had coming in. Minority Unit has done that to me and just may have opened my eyes up to what current Hardcore music has to offer. 
The record comes in four colors. Be sure to add each of them to your rainbow of vinyl goodness. James Damion

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