Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bloody Gears - Frozen Rain 7" Grave Mistake Records 2012

The Bloody Gears deliver an impressive dose of dark brooding punk rock with an equally impressive dose of  melodic flair on this 3 song ep from their forthcoming LP, "Landscapes of Disease", due out in May 2012 on Deranged Records.
The 3 songs on this 7" definitely have a dark feel to them that most reminds me of the Lp "Over The Edge" by the Wipers.  The mixture of melody and the dark atmospheric tone of this ep is really something that touches me to the core and keeps me coming back for repeated listens, and with each repeated listen the songs seem to open up and reveal more and more melody and feeling. I am definitely looking forward to the bands full length Lp "Landscapes of Disease", I  think I just  might wear this 7" out in anticipation of the Lp...Dave G.

Bloody Gears
Deranged Records

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