Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Outlook - Our Time is Now

After witnessing Olympia Washington's Outlook pour every ounce of energy and sweat into two amazing sets last week. There was no way 
I was going to head home without 'Our Time is Now' snuggly fit under my arm. 
It's not often that I catch a touring band on one night and drop any prior plans to see them a few days later. I guess that's just the power of music. It has and always been the great communicator.

Outlook's 'Our Time is Now', the bands first full length features all the great elements of the bands live performance. 
Driving guitars, pummeling bass and frantic drumming meet fast and unrelenting vocals. Being that I'm such a lyric whore I found Outlooks to be particularly inspiring. 
"Loud Fast Rules" Hardcore Punk that really grabs your attention.

The record is self released and features ten songs. The breakdowns on 'Gilded Cage' are amazing. While I couldn't get enough of the weird angles that 'Our Choice' offer. 
Overall this is a great record that really captures the energy and spirit of Punk and Hardcore. It also goes a long way towards capturing what they deliver live. The band also has a 
self titled 7 inch out there. I highly recommend you pick it up along with LP. 
James Damion

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