Monday, April 23, 2012

Natural Child - For the Love of the Game

Sometimes a band or a record comes along that just doesn't resonate with you. It could be a genre thing, a regional thing or just about anything.
The actual fact of the matter is,  you know that what your hearing just doesn't sound right to your ears. You've heard all the hype and praise you can stand before you find yourself  shoveling your way out of a PR quagmire of  comparisons, double speak and estimations that THIS is going to be the next BIG THING. Thus is my issue with Natural Child's
'For the Love of the Game'.

On 'For the Love for the Game' Nashville Tennessee's Natural Child dragged me through the mud wilth ten songs of Country/Blues musings that honestly had me reaching for a shotgun solution. I write this fully understanding that I am but one opinionated asshole amongst many. But judging from all the poop I heard about how great this band that mixed Country, Blues and a bit of Black Sabbath in a drive to unseat the Rolling Stones from they're thoroughly shitted throne, I have to say, "Nice Ass, but I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid bro".  James Damion

Buy it Here  If you Dare

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