Saturday, April 21, 2012

Minority Unit - Demo 7 inch

It just so happens that
Minority Unit had more members (11 in all) than the majority of most bands out there. It's hard to imagine what they each contribute without any visuals or detailed liner notes. I can only conjure up images of hip hop legends Public Enemy notorious S1W's. The fact of the matter is, the pure number of members doesn't come off as gimmicky. Nor does it seem to aid or hinder the bands musical output.

The demo features six songs of pissed off mid tempo Latino Straightedge. The lyrics come off feeling honest and true to life, unlike a lot of the more generic bands I come across. Many of which read straight from the Hardcore and Straightedge rule book. White Brigade definitely struck a chord with me with it's lyric and dark vibe. Here's a band that I could have written off as a gimmick or generic but a closer listen proved me wrong. This was a good example of
"Not judging a book by its cover."Get it before it's gone. James Damion

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