Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Guns - Early 80's Hardcore from Cleveland

Every now and then I come across a friends music link on Facebook. Over the years my choice of what to investigate and what to pass over has narrowed down considerably thanks to know the certain likings of one friend friend or another. Dave G,, Chris Skelly 
(Dahlia Seed) and Joe G. (Red Hare, Retisonic, Blue Tip, Harden Variety) are notable "go to" guys whose musical tastes I tend to trust. This morning I came across this post and basically went into obsession mode. The Guns were a '82 era Cleveland Hardcore band featuring then pre teen singer Scott Eakin and drummer Dave Araca (12 and 13 at the tine this was recorded.) I'm only minutes into investigating a very young and amazing band that mixed sneering punk, hardcore and before it's time crossover. Thus far, I've found a couple of their tracks on the legendary early 80's 'The New Hope' compilation. In the meantime, check out these gems and get back to me with any additional information you might want to share about the band. 
James Damion

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