Friday, October 11, 2013

Johnny Neutrino and the Secret Weapon - S/T EP

Some of the best submissions to this blog seem to appear out of nowhere. This one came with an interesting and unique sales pitch and eye popping visuals that demanded the intended party take notice and listen up.
What they say;
"Johnny Neutrino 
and The Secret Weapon are a band of rock and roll super villains bent on saving rock and roll and destroying the world. JNSW combine catchy hooks with fierce guitars, a driving rhythm section and dynamic on stage performances to create what is undoubtedly the greatest musical experience in the entirety of recorded history." 
What I say:
Here's an EP that goes a long way to make a lasting impression on both the eyes and ears. Drawn in by the captivating cover art. This three song had me captivated by devilish hooks, dirty riffs and arrogant vocal delivery.
Three hook laden tracks that had my body shaking and convulsing as if I was locked in a seizure. These dicks seem to think pretty highly of themselves. Listening to 'Doombots', '13 Men' and 'Forgotten Frequencies' helps me understand why. James Damion

Bandcamp  Download Here

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