Monday, October 21, 2013

Cold Fur -Blouses of the Holy / 667 The Neighbor of the Beast

On their second EP to date Jersey City hell raisers
Cold Fur continue to take a blowtorch and chainsaw to what has become accepted as
Rock & Roll in many circles these days. Bringing a mix of abusive Stoner and Hard Rock to abusive levels of debauchery

Like a dark and heavy cloud descending on a small town, Cold Fur come heavy and loud. Offering unapologetic, balls out, tongue firmly placed in cheek rock at it's very best.
Killing Horse records should hire a tour bus to carry this bands cojones from show to show. Though the band,
it's personnel and sound will always share a connection with and ultimately be compared to The Rye Coalition  I don't think that's in any way a bad thing. Depending on your positioning, 'Blouses of the Holy' and '667 Neighbor of the Beast' will either keep you on your toes or knock you on your ass. Go get some. James Damion

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