Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Boysetsfire - Bled Dry / Bring Back the Fight 7 inch

Released jointly by Magic Bullet and
End Hit Records and back on April 20th 2013 exclusively for Record Store Day.
Boysetsfire gave everyone one hell of a good reason to go out, celebrate and support your local record stores. 'Bled Dry' skips the melody so often associated with BSF and goes straight for the jugular with it's vicious riffs and searing vocals.
Whereas the B sides 'Bring Back the Fight' brings Nathan's vocal delivery to a level of savagery often reserved for darker Hardcore and Metal bands. The songs vicious rhythms and tribal beats had me thinking BSF were bringing more than just a grudge to this fight. One could picture the band sharpening their knives deep in the woods as the music played.
Looking back, I don't recsall picking up any record store day releases back in April. I'm just glad someone left a copy of this one behind.
Because there are some of the best 3-4 minutes my ears have experienced in a long time.
James Damion

Magic Bullet Reords

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