Friday, October 11, 2013

The #1's - Sharon

On their second single 'Sharon' Dublin Ireland's The #1's deliver three songs that mix sixties garage with late 70's punk and power pop excellence while providing a little mystery for this particular listener.
Upon hearing 'Sharon' and 'Boy',
I convinced myself I was listening to another lost classic from the wide array of under the radar 60's garage rockers or one of the many
unreleased / self released
Punk bands from the late 70's. Songs that feature that raw garage rock feel will vocals that have me thinking of long time favorites The Buzzcocks.
While 'Sharon' and 'Boy' make me want to dance in a wild and unhinged manner. The 'B' Side 'Girl' slows it down enough for to let you grab your girl and get close. After a quick listen I immediately head to the
Sorry State website and ordered a copy. As I finish this review, finding the bands first single is quickly being added to my "To Do" list. You should too. James Damion

Sorry State Records  Bandcamp
Sorry State Records  The #1s - Sharon

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