Monday, June 11, 2012

The Wait - Systemic LP

The Wait (formerly known as Endgame) have been building a reputation as a New Jersey Post Core Powerhouse since deciding to move on from a straight up Hardcore style to a more mature approach.
The results seemed effortless with the band building on their already stellar musicianship, song writing ability and ever so catchy hooky riffs. I was first introduced to The Wait through my buddy Brain Macko back in 2010 and have been following the bands steady progress with a sense of awe since.

On Systematic, the bands debut album, The Wait continues to evolve and mature without losing any of the energy, honesty or appeal they displayed on prior recordings. Marked by excellent musicianship, melodies, lyrics and those ever so joyous riffs. "Systemic" is a record that has a sound and vibe that immediately resonates with the listener. The records opener "Ounces Away" grabs you from the moment the needle hit the record and never really lets go. The record also has very Jersey signature to it with songs like "Passaic River High", "Route 7" and even "My Last Employer".

"Systematic" is a must for fans of Quicksand, Hot Water Music, Jawbreaker and just about anything that's catchy as all fucking hell. The wait on this record is finally over. Now you just have to get yourself  a copy. James Damion

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  1. I hear a definite Small Brown Bike comparison on this Lp and I like it. Good find James thanks for turning me on to them.