Monday, June 11, 2012

Boy Things - Equations EP

Boy Things first captivated my ears in early 2012 with their self titled six song EP.
Upon hearing the bands warm, upbeat pop sounds, I was convinced I was listening to some seasoned Indie Pop veterans that I had somehow missed the boat on.  Lucky for me, the boat was just beginning to set sail and I was getting the opportunity to see/hear an amazing new act still in it's infancy.

The EP's  title track "Equations" features a lush acoustic guitar sound that's followed by synthesizers and drumming that add a certain degree warmth and texture to the track. But it's when Beth's hypnotic and beautiful voice enter the fray when the senses hit overload.
The B side opens with "Sit, Stay, Rollover". The songs losers lament carries a light hearted wit about it with it's chorus, "There's no hope, in Jersey. I'm a loser, so kill me!" I found myself dancing around my apartment spastically to this one. 
Cap'n Hook is catchy as all hell with crashing guitars and drums that will having you calling out "More Cowbell please" The hooky vibe presented is tasty to say the very least.
Overall, "Equations" shines with all it's quirky pop goodness. I really can't wait to see how this band evolves. If this three song jaunt is any sign of things to come, I'd say the possibilities are endless.

"Equations" is a combined effort between Boy Things and Bedside Manor Collective.
If you're a fan of Tegan & Sara like I am you absolutely need to get your hands on this. There are only 300 copies available on vinyl so I suggest you pick this up and give it a spin before it's gone. James Damion
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