Friday, June 1, 2012

"Demo-Lition" Opening Night Images and Thoughts

Last night Freddy Alva and Eric Wielander celebrated the opening of their installment of the "Demo-Lition" Exhibit with a packed house at the East Village's L'Asso. Featured were a collection of demos and demo art from the colorful 80's, early 90's Hardcore and Punk scene. Featured were demos from such classic bands as The Cro-mags, Breakdown, Violent Children, Sheer Terror, Born Against, NYC Mayhem, Youth of Today and many, many more. The entire show was put together with the greatest of care and looked impressive to say the very least. There were also demo art from many of Hardcore's the less than household names including Our Gang, All For One and Stand Proud. Some of the demos were accompanied by anecdotes by the bands. Something that added a especially personal touch to the whole affair.
Stand Proud guitarist Andrew Monseratte also created the cover  for Unite Fanzine's 2nd issue.
Familiar faces that included Rich Derespina and Ed Sayago (All For One), Hobi & Carol Klapuri and Lew Dimmick (Our Gang), Al Gaydos (Dog Tired, The Deviators), Brian Musikoff (Stuyvesant) and
Eric McGuire made my intention of stopping by for a few minutes to sticking around for a few hours. Running into John Hiltz (Born Against, GreyHouse) after almost twenty years and talking about his infamous basement shows was one of many highlights of my night. Congratulations to Eric & Freddy for a job well done. The work and thought that went into this really showed.  Now get your ass down to  L'Asso's before it's gone.
James Damion

Al & Brian 

Left to Right; Eric, Kristine, Brian

Left to Right; Hobi, John, Rich 


  1. I need to see this exhibit before it's gone. Wish I could have made it out last night.

  2. Damn good time was had by all! Nice show, should take it on the road, expand, maybe even start a website... catalog and classify as many demos as humanly possible. Just a thought...Rich D

  3. Awesome! Great night! Great pics! Thanks a lot James!