Monday, June 4, 2012

Songs For Snakes - Charcoal Heather 2012

Songs For Snakes immediately bring San Francisco and Gilman Street to mind which makes perfect sense being that they bill themselves as a pop punk/indie band hailing from San Francisco CA. Songs For Snakes  formed back in 2005 and have a full length and an ep's worth of songs up on their bandcamp page for your listening pleasure.

If you are a fan of well crafted pop punk  ala Jawbreaker, Pegboy and even Husker Du then I think you will enjoy the sounds that Songs For Snakes are creating.  The bands bio describes their music as  "Imagine Husker Du and Jawbreaker having a pleasant cup of green tea with Simon and Garfunkel"... I think this statement is an accurate description of what is going on here. On the album "Charcoal Heather" the band delivers 12 songs of catchy yet melancholic pop punk that really does reflect their stated influences. Good stuff from this long running band who are deserving of your attention...listen to their music, visit their facebook and give these guys some likes on the ole Facebook page because they are deserving of your attention...Dave G.


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