Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suit of Lights - Shine on Forever LP

Sometimes I can get a feeling for and bang out a review of a record after one, maybe two listens. While there are other times when I find myself having to listen maybe a dozen times to get the overall feel of one.
To hear notes I may have missed the first or third time around. Time to allow myself to gain a relationship with that record. Such was the case with Suit of Lights latest offering "Shine on Forever".

It's been two years since I sat down with the bands singer/songwriter Joe Darone to talk about Suit of Lights, his Dad and UFO's. Those two years since have been cluttered with countless bands, releases and shows that might have made me forget what an incredible songwriter and complete artist Joe has become. Lucky for me, "Shine on Forever" arrived just in time to remind me.

Suit of Lights started in 2004 as a studio project and have evolved through a revolving door of talented musicians from various bands such as Streetlight Manifesto, Mr. Bungle, The Rosenbergs and others with Joe Darone and Trevor Dunn being the key components. Their focus on weaving impressive song writing and beautiful instrumentals that have collected guitar, keys, stand up bass, brass and percussion has been impressive to say the very least.

"Shine on Forever offer stellar musicianship and songwriting with Beatlesque harmonies and melodies that are as beautiful as they are boundless. As I listened to these tracks  I couldn't help but think, "This album might be to big for this blog." Of course that's not true but Suit of Lights are honestly on a level all their own when it comes to lush, atmospheric songs and soundscapes that take the listener on a journey that awakens the senses and challenges you use every one to fully listen. I can go on forever but it would be better if I just told you to pick up a copy of this gem and listen for yourself. I think you will be greatly rewarded. "Shine on Forever" was produced by Joe Darone himself and recorded over in Jersey City at Big Blue Meanie Studios. James Damion

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