Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bad American - Pretty Ugly Lp 2012

"Pretty Ugly" opens up with a pretty/ugly slow menacing song called "Dirty Waters" and then blasts off at breakneck speed with the second song "Jumper"and  from this point on the Lp alternates between foot to the floor burst of speed,anger and adrenalin  that will leave you gasping for breath to slower mid tempo songs that will give you a minute or so to recover before Bad American abuse your senses with more speed and anger.

Overall, Bad American have managed to release a fine slice of hardcore aggression that should satisfy fans of the old bands like "Black Flag" and also fans of the new school bands  like "Total Abuse"... Anyway, this Lp is a great first full length release for these Bethlehem PA maniacs, and I highly recommend  you grab a copy if you see it, as I believe this record was self released in a very limited run that is selling fast from what I have been told...Dave G.


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