Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bloody Gears - Landscapes of Disease (Deranged 2012)

I was really looking forward to this Lp after falling in love with the 7 inch ep  "Frozen Rain" that was released on Grave Mistake Records a few months back as a taster for what was to come on this full length Lp. My review of the 7" can be found right here.

I have to admit that upon initially hearing this Lp I was left a little flat, but after repeated listens I have come to realize that  the fault was all mine as I was just to amped for this record and it took a few listens for the cool vibe and wiperesque melodies to sink in and fully take a hold of me. There is something about the dark mood that the Bloody Gears conjure through their music that truly affects me and I hope you feel the same..Dave G. 

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