Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brick + Mortar and Cicada Radio Bring the Heat to Kearny Irish.

Joe Wilson and the Loose Ends
As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder I find myself with less and less desire to go out to shows. A brand new heating system and a box of new records can start to look pretty cool when faced with the option to brave the elements and interact with people on an up close and personal. Yet with all the comforts of home and a very hungry cat looking at me as if I was a big bag of Meow Mix. Getting to see a couple of my favorite bands along with a couple of new ones felt like a pretty neat idea.

I hadn't been to Kearny Irish since July when I was there to see Night Birds and Municipal Waste. Since then it seems most of the shows that have taken place were of a strict Metal tip and after seeing Municipal Waste, well, let's just say I wasn't into the vibe. 
Truth is I really missed the place. It's a great venue with a really upbeat vibe. The drinks are cheap and the venues space is vast. 

Though the attendance was sparse, perhaps due to all the post holidays, pre New Year  shenanigans; I don't think you could have wished for a better gathering of people. As I made my way inside I was almost instantly greeted by the smiling faces of Mike Sylvia (Killing Horse Records) and 
Frank DeFranco (Holy City Zoo). As the night went on I got to spend more time with other members of the Tiny Giants Artist Collective. All while learning the secret handshake and getting the groups recipe for some of its future endeavors. 

The show promptly opened with Joe Wilson and the Loose Ends. Joe Wilson is a singer/songwriter with a style that is deeply rooted in his New Jersey upbringing. He and Loose Ends gave off a great vibe throughout their set. As I stood there listening intently.  I curiously asked, "Who is this?" "What's his name?". This was my first helping of the artist but the vibe was very warm and familiar. I had noticed a pile of his CD's on the merch table earlier but by the time I made my way back there they were already gone. Check out his Facebook Page and give his music a listen. You just might like what you here.

The Vapor Apes
Things got pretty strange as The Vapor Apes took the stage. Nerdy, Goofy and more fun than a dildo at a nunnery, the band is a cross between Devo, Digital Underground and early Beastie Boys. Though this was only their second show they had their shit down pat. The Apes mix guitar, bass , drums with computer technology with excellent results. Songs like "Computer", "Girls Say" and "I'm checkin' Out" were highlights. Here is a band that is not only entertaining but can back it up with excellent music skills.  Major respect to the bands guitarist for just bringing things to another level.
Happy Birthday to the bands bassist Paul Beier. I'm happy he got a chance to celebrate it with a stellar set.
 Go Ape Shit

Cicada Radio
Next up was Cicada Radio. Here is a band that I've found to be somewhat elusive. Since the release of the bands debut "Imposter" I've been searching the landscape to find a hard copy; only to find months later that it was a digital only release. I had the digital version all along having listened to it countless times. As good as it was you couldn't blame me for wanting to wrap my hands around a hard copy.
The band has also played a handful of shows that I unfortunately missed out on. Needless to say I was finally in the same building with these guys and was going to thoroughly enjoy every note. As the bad kicked into gear I turned off the flash on my camera as to not disturb the strange ritual that was unfolding before my eyes and ears. In theory I wanted to capture singer guitarist Pat O'Keefe's warrior soul within the working of my Canon 7D. As good a record  "Imposter" is, to see the band perform live  takes thing to a totally different level. The band hails for parts Jersey City and Kearny and are not only on the stellar KillingHorse Records but they are also members of The Tiny Giants Artist Collective.
Be sure to check them out when they play KillingHorse Records 2 year anniversary at Maxwells on Friday, January 6th. It will surely be an amazing show.
Cicada Radio

Brick + Mortar
Last but certainly not least were Brick + Mortar. I've seen Brandon and John perform twice in recent weeks and both times I've left with a jaw dropping experience. If i could say anything about this dynamic duo, it is that Brick & Mortar are "Fucking Loud." Fusing live instruments, Brandon handles vocals, switches between guitar and bass all while playing with samples with the approach of a mad scientist. John's has a unique approach to drumming that includes bringing the bass drum in to the crowd. The appeal is that of a sonic apocalypse. One that will alert the senses and leave them satisfied and shell shocked. Brandon's interaction with the crowd is notable considering their reactions and response. The result is that of an arena sound with a intimate vibe. It's really inspiring when you see that level of involvement from an audience.
Brick + Mortar

It's always good to go out and see a diverse lineup of talent. Each band offered a fresh and appealing sound that never mirrored the other. I guess that no matter how cold it gets out there; A night out to see live music and good friends almost always wins against the option of staying home and . James Damion

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