Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The 65's "Strike Hard" Record Release Party at Harp & Bard

Stuyvesant's Pete "The Killer" Martinez 
In celebration of the release of The 65's debut "Strike Hard" Dromedary Records Kingpin Al Crisifulli gathered some close and not too close friends Harp N' Bard to drink, enjoy some live music and drink, drink, drink. As I arrived the party was already in full swing. There were so many familiar and friendly faces you'd have thought I had walked onto the set of "Cheers". With they're highly anticipated and well recieved record in tow, family and friends in attendance, it was time to celebrate.
With Mr. Al "The Pride of Team Dromedary" dressed in his #65 Yankees Jersey it was party time. You could not measure his level of pride or enthusiasm.
D. Smith of the 65's
Stuyvesant took the stage and launched into a short but funtastic set with
"Johnny Tinitis" and
"Hellbent for Heather". As the opening riff for "Duly Noted" made it to my ears I felt my feet leave the floor.
My non existent rhythm kicked in as I danced around spastically like a retarded Peanuts Character.
(Joe Cool I am not) My love for Stuyvesant and each one of the inmates in that crazy band grows with each and every show. Their upbeat vibe is so infectious you can't help but want to go to each and every show and event. The fact that they are such awesome people doesn't hurt one bit.
The 65's

Soon enough it was time for the 65's to do some damage. Joe, Dan, Cindi and Johnny are a relatively new band but have been on Jerseys underground scene since the 90's in acts like
Balloon Squad, Electric Frankenstein and Shirk Circus to name just a few. Their debut record "Strike Hard" is one of the years best and will surely make waves. Their mix of excellent song writing, excellent musicianship and gravely vocals makes for a very intimate and real vibe. Joe V. is a perfect frontman with his share of swagger and bravado while John Steel is a taskmaster on the drums. Cindi (Bass) and Dan (Guitar/Vocals) give the band a perfect balance and sense of ease. The Band opened with edgy "Blades of Glass" and followed with the folky "Greatest Pretense". All in all they played a good dozen or so songs including covers from The Psychedelic Furs "Pretty in Pink" (which is featured on the album.)
and Social Distortion's "Bad Luck", a song Joe Vocaturo's voice sounds custom fitted for.
It was really good to see everyone. See some new faces and hopefully make a few new friends. I highly recommend checking out Dromedary Records . While your there make sure you get  The 65's - Strike Hard disc. You just might find your next favorite band.
Happy Holidays.
James Damion

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