Friday, December 16, 2011

Courtesy Tier - Holy Hot Fire

As the end of the year approaches I've been treated to a handful of releases that I would easily classify as the musical peaks of my 2011. "Holy Hot Fire" just might be the most surprising of the mix. Brooklyn's Courtesy Tier has existed in different forms over the last seven years or so but finally found a comfortable niche' working as a duo which features
Omer Leibovitz on guitar and Layton Weedeman on drums.
The EP grabs you from the very start with "Fall Asleep".
A song so addictive I found myself singing along long before I knew the actual lyrics. The songs  Alt-Country vibe is beautifully haunting, setting the tone for the emotional roller-coaster that is "Holy Hot Fire". Uplifting and warm at times, dark and emotionally crushing at others. Despite being a two piece Omer and Layton deliver a full sound that comes together perfectly. While "Fall Asleep", "Standing Near", "Friend" and "Calling Out" all share similar qualities and a somewhat haunting kinship, "Cold" stands as a rousing, frantic offering that gives the record a unique energy. Overall, the record is a perfect blend of Rock, The Blues and a quirky Alt-Country vibe. I'd highly recommend this to anyone with ears. James Damion

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