Friday, November 8, 2013

Huge - S/T Four Song EP

Huge, a band that features Underdog's Russ and
Dean Iglay along with
American Standard's
Matt Dolan seemingly come out of nowhere to deliver an adrenalin fueled four song EP that make the blood rush and the pulse quicken.
Fast, aggressive, fun and in your face. Huge features some devilish rhythms and heart racing leads but what's most notable is getting to hear Russ take on the vocal duties.
To put it best, I'd liken it to a
Pitbull taking on an intruder. Powerful and Relentless with a take no prisoners approach. Though some might expect a return to NJHC roots.
Huge represent a more Punkcore approach and seem more than at home with their Jersey Shore roots. Huge more than live up to their namesake. Thus leaving this listener hungry for more. "What's next Russ?" James Damion

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