Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Seconds - First 3 E.P. 's Box Set

Holy Re-issues Batman. 2013 has been one hell of a year when it's come to great new releases and earth shattering re-issues and LifeLine Records is knee deep in the mix. Here they've taken on the task of re-issuing  the first three 7 Seconds EP’s:
‘Skins, Brains & Guts,’ ‘Committed For Life’ and ‘Blasts From the Past’. Each record released in their original 7″ format.
Each of these three  E.P.'s
have been out of print for many years and has seen there share of bootlegs over the years. Now that the records are being properly re-issued. You don't have to be a rich, pretentious record collecting snob to get your hands on these Hardcore classics.
Each release pays tribute to the original first pressing, using the original art and include the original insert that later pressings had lost. As a bonus, each record will include a retrospective of each release written by Kevin Seconds. I was able to pre-order these which rewarded me with the limited color vinyl. This is a must for anyone that loves Hardcore or Punk. 7 Seconds are a seminal band whose influence is still being felt thirty years later. Having this in my hands sent of volt of electricity through my clogged veins. Bringing me back to seeing them perform at CBGB's in '86. Thus transforming me from a snotty punk to a devoted positive youth (Well kinda.) File under "Essential" James Damion

Lifeline Records  Get it Here

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