Friday, April 5, 2013

Plow United, Iron Chic and The Unlovables Play Brooklyn's Knitting Factory

As I entered Brooklyn's Knitting Factory I almost immediately spied my comrade in arms Jim Testa of Jersey Beat. He invited me out to the show earlier in the week with the promise of good music merriment and a free pass for the night. As I met up with Jim we immediately started communicated in our shared language of music. The man stands as a testament of why Jersey Beat has stood the test of time for over thirty years. His knowledge of and understanding of music and the people who make it is astounding. Though our taste in music often differs. I feel that since my musical palette and knowledge has grown considerably since I initially became an occasional contributor to Jersey Beat and After buying Jim a beer and briefly meeting Mikey Erg and Pity Party's guitarist Fid, we headed to the ticket booth to get our free passes. Alas, Jim Testa was clearly printed in thick black marker on the second page. However, yours truly, his supposed +1 was mysteriously absent. Light on cash from my prior alcohol consumption and a little pissed about my exclusion, I looked at Jim like a man stepping up to an ATM. Jim gazed back with eyes as empty as his pockets. As to say, "Don't look at me." I was on my own. I sucked it up and paid for my ticket. I was on my own.

Love for the Unlovables
The Unlovables opened and got the show off to a good start, igniting an already full house and setting the tone for the entire night. Lead singer Hallie spent the entire set on the dance floor firing up the enthusiastic crowd. Though this my first exposure to Hallie and the band, I found myself dancing with a sense of wild abandon to each and every song. The bands upbeat, party pop sound was so addictive; Even this old, bitter and jaded old man couldn't help but be overcome by the musics warmth. Song titles like "Dance Party", "Being in Love" and "If you were here"wouldn't be my normal choice of themes to rock out to; But for Christ's sake, who wants to be normal? Later, as the show wound down. I headed over to the merch tables where I spotted the bands tasty looking colored vinyl. Unfortunately for me, I had spent my last chunk of cash earlier on other spirits. Regardless, I loved the Unlovables and hope to catch them again soon.
The Unlovables

The night moved along quickly as Long Island's Iron Chic took the stage.
The oft desribed super group features members of Latterman, Small Arms Dealer and Capital to name a few. The band played an rousing set that had the crowd singing in unison.
 Long Island's Iron Chic
Their sound blends punk and hardcore with emo influenced guitars and anthemic vocals. Vocalist Jason Lubrano prowled the stage as he worked up a very active crowd. It's always a personal pleasure for me, seeing the crowd become part of the show. I seem to have gotten used to witnessing people so involved with their electronic devices and distancing themselves from the stage to post about how much fun they're having at the moment. Iron Chic definitely kept that energy level high and kicked the adrenaline up a notch. Iron Chic

It had already been a stellar night of diverse sounds and positive energy by the time the nights headliner  Plow United launched into their set.
Plow United 
Like The Unlovables and
Iron Chic, this was my first time seeing Plow perform live.
To say they exceeded any expectations would be a major understatement.
The Unlovables and Iron Chic may have ignited the crowd. Plow, on the other hand, brought the gasoline can.
The trio, for lack of a better term, plowed through a set of sweaty, testosterone filled Punk Rock excellence.
Along the way the band was joined on stage by Unlovables vocalist Hallie Bulleit and drummer Mikey Erg playing guitar. Personally, my favorite moment came when drummer Sean Rule switched instruments with bassist Joel Tannenbaum. It added an extra notch to an already perfect night. Plow United

This was my first Brooklyn show of the year and a long overdue return to the Knitting Factory. As the weather warms I will surely be spending a lot more time in this storied borough. Until then, James Damion

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