Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chase This City - Everything I Never Told You

"Everything I Never Told You" offers a sneak peak to  Chicago's Chase The City's full length, "Life Stories" currently scheduled for a sumer 2013 release. But for all I know this just as easily could have been the lost tracks from
Taking Back Sunday's debut "Tell All Your Friends".
I say that in the highest of praise, considering the feeling this little sampling of the band gave me.
Excellent Pop Punk with a little more bite than I've come accustomed to hearing  from this sub genre in recent years. Songs relay a certain warmth along with a sense of honesty and urgency. I felt an instant connection to each of the three songs. With the opening track "I Could Just Cave Right In" being my favorite. I look forward to hearing what "Life Stories" has to offer. Hopefully it won't be a long wait. Until then... James Damion

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