Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Modern Chemistry - We'll Grow Out of This

Back in High School there was no fear quite like the fear of chemistry class. Year after year I struggled with the subject to a degree where it almost kept me from graduating my senior year. I'd long since put the subject on the back burner and focused on subjects I can conquer without the help of cheat sheets or lowering myself to any other devious levels. So when I was sent this new offering with a note attached that read "No testing required". Let just say I was up for the task.

On "We'll Grow Out of This"
the sophomore release from New Brunswick's Modern Chemistry. The band delivers a six song EP that builds on all the strengths and promise "An introduction" offered. Guitar driven post core that features emotive vocals and inspiring harmonies. And though the recording is tight and professional sounding. It manages to maintain a certain edge and grit that is evident throughout;
Giving it somewhat of an intimate and personal feeling. The EP's third track"Remember this Bridge" stands out with it's tasty guitar parts and Geoff Rickly (Thursday) inspired vocal delivery. While the following, "Part Two" is an emotional acoustic that just might get the ladies panties wet. Kind of a "Hey there Dellilah" for the Jersey kids. Overall, it was a good listen that offered a little bit of everything to this listener.  James Damion

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  1. you can stream the record here!