Monday, April 15, 2013

Toothgrinder - Vibration / Colour / Frequency

After catching Toothgrinder at Montclair's Meatlocker last month I was given the bands latest CD to take home and remind myself of what I had just witnessed.
A follow up to the bands official 2011 debut "Turning the Tide". This three song EP is a tormented mental patient who's been looked away with a sign on the door the reads "Tormented by nightmares.
Do not attempt to resuscitate." "Vibration", "Colour" and "Frequency" are heavy ragers that have a sense of collusion that I found interesting. I found "Colour" to be the most impressive of the three tracks with it's progressions and changes. The songs vibe is epic, making me feel as if I was caught up in a battle for the soul itself. It beautiful, dark, evil and to say the very least, moving. The EP itself is highlighted by deep guttural vocals belted out over hammering guitars and a punishing rhythm section. It's heavy, evil and gripping. Toothgrinder may prove to to be more heavy and damaging than anything that's hit this coast in recent years.
As harsh as that may sound, it just might prove to be true. James Damion

Toothgrinder Bandcamp

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