Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In My Coma - Magnets and Miracles

When I was twelve years old
I was in a coma for eight days. My parents had been notified less than a month prior that, due to an inoperable brain tumor, I only had a month to two months to live. Looking back at the prognosis, I don't think many people felt I would ever return from that deep sleep. Somehow I made it out that coma and even lived years beyond that emotionally and trying episode.

Fast forward thirty years and Canadian Alt Rockers
In My Coma finds it's way into my review box.

On "Magnets and Miracles", In My Coma live up to their gag inducing name by delivering a shit fest of instantly forgettable songs that are part Nickleback, part Disney. The bands style mixes airy ambiance with an attempt at soaring rock n' roll importance. (Just look at the cover. The figure seems to be debating on whether to go to heaven or get a taco.) Singer, songwriter, guitarist Jasper James (If that's your real name) provides some decent guitar riffs here and there, but they seem overmatched by unbearable singing and song structure. Thus washing away any of the bands promise (as if there ever was) like only the strongest female douching product can. In My Coma really live up to their namesake on this fifteen song (Yes, I sad fifteen songs) album. Listen and you will find yourself in your very own coma. James Damion

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