Friday, April 5, 2013

Invisible Lines Return to Headline Maxwell's

Keith Laviola "Touch me, I'm sick."
If it were a perfect world, a musically perfect world. All rock related shows in New Jersey would take place at Maxwell's. For me personally, there is no better place to play or experience music. Now, of course, we would have have to extend twenty four hour days to thirty six and me might have to fiddle around with that three hundred sixty five day year thingamagig. There would be work to be done. Things like turning the entire street into a "Maxwell's Only" event space with numerous areas to accommodate various stages and such. It sounds difficult; But we are talking about a perfect world. Work would have to be done. Sacrifices would have to be made. The simple truth is, the is no better club, bar, stage, sound, door man, ticket taker, bar or booking guru.
I've seen everyone from The Avengers to X
play there. It is one of the reasons I moved to Hoboken. It is the only reason I still live in Hoboken. If it were not for Maxwell's, I would be musically homeless.

On this particular Friday night I headed to Maxwell's in order to play catch up with both
Meet Pause and Invisible Lines while reintroducing myself to the band Lost Romance.
On top of that I'd get the chance to see what New York's Face the King had to offer.

Jimmy Hot Pants (Meet Pause)
If my calculations are correct, it's been about a year since I've seen those meatheads known as Meet Pause perform live. To be painfully honest,
I had almost forgotten just how good these guys really are. My last encounter was about a year ago at Jersey City's Lamp Post and though I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Seeing them wedged between the kitchen and the bars bathroom wasn't quite the way I like to experience music. This time around there would be no chicken cutlets and fries emerging from the drum set.
No dodging Blatter challenged bar goers. I was amped. I was ready.I would not be let down.
Meet Pause really fired on all cylinders. I really can't say enough about any opening band plays like a headliner. There were so many highlights to the set which covered both familiar and new tracks from their upcoming record. Though I've thought it to myself many times I may not have put it out there. Keith "Hotpocket" Laviola is one of the best guitar slinger the Jersey scene has to offer. Add to that the often effortless vocal delivery and story telling lyric style of Scott Thompson and you're just floored. On this particular night it was Erik Lindstrom and Jimmy Haidacher that really grabbed my attention. Erik, who seemed to be on his feet for the entire set doubling on drums and keys was candy for both the eyes and ears. While Jimmy Haidacher's bass lines were tighter than his skinny boy jeans. It was an exceptional set. One that defined the night for me.
Meet Pause Facebook

Face the King "This scarf's for you."
Now I won't go as far as saying I have any psychic powers but... whenever I see a group of hot young women dressed for sin gather around the stage to check out a band. There are too two things one can almost guarantee.
1. That band will most definitely suck.
2. You will not see any of those women once that sucky bands leaves the stage. Though I won't go as far as saying these guys sucked. Excellent musicianship and a big rock sound go a long way. The bands arena rock sound just didn't match the vibe of the room or the scant amount of people in attendance. After one or two songs I found myself looking for anything else to occupy my time.
Face The King Band Site

Gerry Perlinski of Lost Romance "Jersey Strong"
Lost Romance followed bringing somewhat of a breath of much needed fresh air to the room. While I've been keeping tabs on the bands steady climb through their Facebook page for some time now. I find it strange that I haven't seen the band since they played NYC's
Bowery Electric during the
CMJ festival in the fall of 2011. The New Brunswick trio have since kept very racking up their share of trophies, awards and praise from the New Jersey music press and beyond. Gerry, Tony and Amine play a style of alternative rock that often reminds me of the pre MTV Power Pop boom.
I had put seeing Lost Romance on a high priority for 2013. Getting to see them perform just a short walk from my home couldn't have made it easier.
Lost Romance Official Site

Invisible Line ; Will and Geoff match skills
Closing an already stellar night were Kearny, New Jersey favorites Invisible Lines. I first fell in love with these guys when they performed at the Brick City Sound Riot Music Festival back in 2011. Since that time they've become one of my favorite acts on the Jersey scene and beyond. The bands 2010 E.P. "Wise Up" helped in turning Killing Horse records and the Tiny Giants Artist Collective into household names here at United By... The band has been laying low as of late, writing and recording new material due for release in 2013. One can only hope we'll be hearing something sooner than later in the year. The band played a high energy, climactic set that mixed both old and new tracks. It's been quite a while since I'd seen them live and I couldn't help notice
Will Acevedo singing lead on more songs than in the past. It also cannot go without noting the addition of Geoff Bennington. Though he's been a member of Invisible Lines for over a year now; this was my first time seeing him perform live with the band. I really like his energy and he sure knows how to play that guitar.
Invisible Lines Facebook

I really enjoyed catching up with the bands and seeing so many familiar faces on this particular night. The Spring and the coming Summer are sure to bring us many shows, events and chances to quench our endless thirst for live music. I'll definitely be seeing you. Until then... James Damion

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