Wednesday, January 2, 2013

These Branches / Cycles Schmeichel split 2012

These Branches and Cycle Schmeichel  play a style of Emo  that ignites fond memories of hours upon hours spent in crowded basements and VFW Halls all across the state of New Jersey back in the mid 90's. I'm not saying that these bands sound dated, this is just the feeling I personally get from their music.

These Branches present music that is on one hand  intense and emotional and on the other hand catchy and melodic. As I stated in my review of their previous ep , if you dig bands like small Brown Bike then you need to give These Branches a listen.

The flipside of this split release features Cycle Schmeichel whose sound  is very quirky and spastic to my ears. There is melody hidden away in their songs that may take a listen or two to come to the surface, but upon repeated listens Cycle Schmeichel's sound is growing on me...Overall this is a solid split release that deserves  attention from the masses...Dave G.

Bandcamp The Branches
Bandcamp Cycle Schmeichel

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