Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back Off - Demo 2013

When my friend Mike Bullshit posted Back Off's demo on his Facebook page. I assumed that this was a recently recovered tape from a long forgotten, unsung New York Hardcore band circa 1982. And why not? Newly formed Back Off play straight up early Hardcore that would slip in seamlessly with bands like Major Conflict, The Abused, Antidote and 
NY's Psychos. Six songs of punishing Hardcore with fierce vocals, skull fucking guitar and lightning fast drumming.
With five of the six tracks coming in under a minute and the other scratching and clawing to make the one minute mark. It's "Fast, Loud, Rules" at it's very best. The bands Facebook page Here doesn't really tell us much but I'm sure there is much to come in the near future. James Damion

Band Camp  Back Off

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