Saturday, January 5, 2013

Living Laser - Versus Pigs 7" (Trip Machine Laboratories)

Living Laser from NY state have released one hell of a killer 7" in "Versus Pigs". The music is tight and quick paced with plenty of starts and stops and monster riffs in the breakdowns that are sure to result in some circular motion in the pit. 

I think Trip Machine Laboratories has hit on a real gem in this band...I only hope an Lp is in their near future because "Versus Pigs" has definitely left me wanting more.

Living Lasers kick ass...there I said it...Dave G.

P.S. I see the excellent  Living Laser "Ragged Glory" cassette tape is still available from TML. I highly recommend you pick one up if your buying a 7".

Trip Machine Laboratories Purchase
Living Laser Facebook

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