Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Tea Club - Quickly, Quickly, Quickly

When Dan McGowen, a key contributor to The Tea Club, contacted me asking that
I review his bands EP
"Quickly, Quickly, Quickly"
I was more than happy to oblige. You see, that's one of the things we do here at
United By Rocket Science. When he told me he had played guitar on Suit of Lights
"Shine on Forever", a record I had previously reviewed and given high praise. I became a bit more curious.
Then came the term that often gives me the shakes, if not all out night terror; It was the term "Indie Prog Rock". Bands such as Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Jethro Tull and Tool are high on my list as
"Least Favorite Bands of All Time". I don't think I can count the times I've thought aloud
"If only I could never hear Pink Floyd again, I would die a happy man."

Though this was my first exposure to the band. Deptford, New Jersey's The Tea Party have been recording since 2004 with this being the bands eigth release to date. The band features guitar, (shared by Dan and his brother Patrick) bass, drums and keys.

The EP features four songs that clock in at forty-two minutes with the opener "Firebears" breaking the clock at just under eighteen minutes. "Quickly, Quickly, Quickly" is musically large and atmospheric while never shying away from actually rocking. "Firebears" opens on a rather high note before getting a bit lost in it's own over indulgence. Any song that's heart is still beating after seventeen minutes is presenting a pretty big challenge to keeps it's listeners attention. The following three songs "The Eternal German Infant", "Mr Freeze" and
"I Shall Consume Everything" follow a similar path musically though for a shorter span. Each song offers all of the best in musicianship, arraignments and song structure. Add to that Dan's passionate vocal melodies and you've got all the ingredients for a winning recipe. Though the Tea Club prove that the Prog Rock movement is still alive and breathing.
While I would easily recommend "Quickly, Quickly, Quickly" and The Tea Club to any fan of Progressive Rock; These four songs didn't do much to convince me to order my
King Crimson tickets just yet. James Damion

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