Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Everymen - New Jersey Hardcore

With several EP's and a drunken live cassette under their belts; The hardest working band in show biz delivers it first full length and as far as these ears can tell, it's a mixed bag of everything worth celebrating in life.
The band has a way of covering the entire musical map without leaving any embarrassing stains along the way.
The album hits all the sweet spots, drawing inspiration and energy from everything  50's Doo Wop and 60's Phil Spector inspired heights to Springsteen meets the Ramones while getting lost on the way to the beach.
"Dance Only, Only Dance" is a perfect example of my somewhat confusing description. It covers miles of ground with Michael Ventutolo's inspiring vocals and Scott Zillitto's amazing sax play.
Zillito's inspiring play on the  Saxophone come to the fore front on a regular basis but are most noticeable and noteworthy on the track "Novocaine".  Summoning the ghost of Clarence Clemons and remembrance of "On the Dark Side" from the cult classic
"Eddie and the Cruisers" The overall vibe on this track in particular, perfectly captures that moment at the bar where you realize you've had way too much to drink four drinks ago and that, eventually, you'll have to find your way home.

Having seen the band a handful of times over the last couple of years I can say with confidence that this album really manages to capture the spirit, energy and drunken mirth that their live shows are so known for.Though the albums title "New Jersey Hardcore" may have you lacing up your boots and practicing your best version of the "Creepy Crawl" or "Picking Up Change". This album offers more than just a spin kick and a doc marten impression on the skull. "New Jersey Hardcore" is a record to celebrate and to celebrate to. Forget about inviting the Everymen to your party. The Everymen ARE the party.
.James Damion

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