Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boxed Wine - S/T EP

I don't know what took me so long to get around to
Boxed Wine. Having first heard about this awesome foursome from Adam Bird of
Those Mockingbirds. It wasn't until Boxed Wine's own lead guitarist Ralph Nicastro contacted me personally that I set aside some time to sample the bands debut.
Now, as far as debuts go,
this is about as good as it gets. Five songs of fun, quirky and very danceable gems that remind me of a cross between Vampire Weekend and
Boy Things. There's a warm, nerdy goodness to the songs that can't be overlooked. Songs like "Oh No" and "Feral" are instantly satisfying yet admirably memorable. The band has a three song follow up coming soon. In the mean time, go download their debut and get dancing.
I know I did.
James Damion

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  1. I was going to review this one also. I never got a complete review together but my thoughts were as follows. Boxed Wine remind me of some of the major label type alt bands that have been making the rounds in the past few years. I especially thought I heard a little bit of the band Phoenix in Boxed Wines sound. Overall, a very impressive band with well developed songs and major label potential in my opinion...Dave G.