Sunday, September 30, 2012

Modern Chemistry - An Introduction

"An introduction" is probably one of the most understated titles to ever accompany a sampling as good as this. Modern Chemistry come out of the gate like seasoned pros with a distinct style and approach that is seldom seen in a band this early in their development.
"Remember this Bridge" and "Holla Atcha Boi" are instantly addictive tracks that have warranted countless listens.

The bands sound is a perfect mix of rock and post core with outstanding riffs complimented by an  impressive rhythm section and emotionally anthemic vocals. All of which blend together perfectly. Putting on a display that is emotionally charged without losing any sense of angst or aggression. I sensed a
Rise Against influence mixed with the appeal of New Jersey's The Wait.
The band itself sites Brand New and The Outfield amongst their influences. Pretty cool if you ask me.

New Brunswick has always had a proud history of producing one outstanding band after another. It looks as if Modern Chemistry are ready to join in that proud linage.
If this is an introduction to what Modern Chemistry can bring to the table... then we can look forward to  something very special.
James Damion

Modern Chemistry  Bandcamp

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