Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Avoider - 2012 Demo

After witnessing  New Jersey's Avoider turn an opening spot at Maxwell's into a showcase of headlining promise. I was eager to dig a little deeper in order to see what the band had to offer.
Upon hearing this demo I see a band who's potential seems limitless. Avoider mixes elements of Metal, Hardcore, Sludge and Stoner Rock perfectly. Dishing out some really impressive results.
One can revel in the guitar work Arben Colaku displays on these six tracks. Switching up gears and varying from a full on Metal assault to a sludgier, somewhat evil grind. In particular, I really dug the swampy riffs that
"Toxic Sludge" offered. Warren Swan's vocal style rivals the oft baritone sound of his contemporaries with style that had me thinking back to the days of Leeway's Eddie Sutton. With song titles like "Pervert in a Candy Shop" and "Dick Parade", How can you possibly go wrong? Go download the bands demo on Bandcamp and be sure to check them out live. You will not be disappointed. James Damion

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