Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birth Deformities - Suburbanized 10" (Cowabunga Records) 2012

Debut 10" color  vinyl from this new Chicago band featuring 1/2 of Cülo and Nick Sick from Cowabunga Records on vocals.

Musically, Birth Deformities deliver excellent mostly mid-tempo hardcore/punk that leans more towards the punk rock side of things which is fine with me.  The band also pick up the pace on a select few tracks which helps  keep things varied and interesting, and Nick delivers his vocals in a clear yet angry style that suits the music perfectly. 

I know there are a lot of new school punk hardcore bands on the scene at the moment and the scene can feel a bit crowded at times, but bands like Birth Deformities remind me that some bands will always find a way to rise above the competition and find their way into my regular rotation, and hopefully into yours....welcome to my regular rotation Birth Deformities...Dave G.


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