Sunday, September 30, 2012

Big Putts - Bogey Nights

Every now and then a friend turns me on to a new band or one I may have overlooked by dropping something in my email or Facebook cage. The guys in Holy City Zoo have pretty much made it a hobby of theirs.
So when Frank DeFranco dropped this one in my lap.
I couldn't refuse giving it my full attention.  It takes a lot of balls to take both your band and the name of it's first release from golf references. Big ups to
Big Putts for showing they've got a set between them.
Despite the silly name this Boston outfit really offers an excellent record here. Comprised of the well rounded  Alex Molini on Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Synth,
Gio Coviello - Vox and Jesse Weiss on drums.
Big Putts create a moody and brilliant sound that has me wanting to look further into what these Bostonions are all about.

After listening to this a handful of times I was able to gain a wider appreciation for the bands approach and sound.  Excellent guitar sound with loose bass and dreamy percussion and synth. Vocals that create a nice Lo-Fi vibe that had me reaching for my copy of
Jesus & Mary Chain's "Psychocandy". Songs like "Nosejob Junkies",
"Cockroaches From Hell", "Mr. Malfunction"and my personal favorite "Autocorrect" stood out and stuck with me for the long haul. An excellent effort by these PGA hopefuls.
James Damion

Big Putts  Bandcamp

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